Corvette Nationwide Delivery

The all-new 2018 Corvette Stingrays are here, and to celebrate, Hendrick Chevrolet has made buying one easier than ever! We’ve pioneered a Corvette Delivery program that makes it possible for you to buy a Corvette out-of-state. Our nationwide Corvette delivery service means you no longer have to come to us to buy your new Corvette. Simply call us, order your new Corvette, pay for it, and we will arrange to have your new Corvette delivered to you at home! How exciting is that? We think its earth-shaking!

As the Southeast’s leading Corvette volume dealer, Hendrick Chevrolet is guaranteed one of the nation’s largest allotments of new 2018 Corvettes. We know that means there are Corvette enthusiasts all over the country who will demand to be behind the wheel of these cars, easily some of the most outstanding Corvettes in the car’s long and proud performance history. Your local dealership may not have enough to go around. In fact, most dealerships in your region of the country may not have enough Corvettes to meet this anticipated demand. So what’s a Corvette enthusiast to do?

At Hendrick, we believe anyone who wants to drive a Corvette should own a Corvette, so we’ve developed this Corvette delivery program to make sure that the Corvette of your dreams is the Corvette you’ll be driving tomorrow. How do we make it possible for people like you to buy a Corvette out-of-state? Here are the particulars of our Corvette nationwide delivery program::

  • First, understand that to buy a Corvette out-of-state, the transactions involved are exactly the same as if you were visiting our dealership.
    • We meet by phone and talk about the Corvette you want.
    • We settle on a few particulars such as price, your credit and financing options, if necessary.
    • Once approved, the Corvette of your dreams is yours.
  • If you have a trade, we discuss that just like we do any other trade with the exception of discussing how we get your trade from where you are to where we are. As far as pricing for your trade, we work diligently at ensuring we are as competitive on your trade as we do any trades here at the dealership. With remote trades, we ask that you:
    • Send us the VIN number of your vehicle.
    • Send as many pictures of the car as you can.
    • Key information such as mileage.
    • We ask how you’d like to deliver your trade. There are two options: Either you drive it to us or we can come and get it.
  • We discuss your preference for delivery of your Corvette. There are several options:
    • You can pick up your new Corvette at our dealership. If you are coming from out of state, we can arrange transportation from the airport, as well as lodging.
    • We will deliver directly to your door. Corvette delivery Cost varies, depending on destination and trailering options (covered or uncovered). A rough estimate for shipping costs ranges from $800 to $2,000.
    • We can have one of our valued employees drive the car to you. The cost for this option equals the hourly wage of the employee times the total hours involved in driving the car to you and then coming back.

With the Corvette delivery program from Hendrick Chevrolet, there are no catches and no tricks. We promise you will be treated with the same respect and courtesy as those customers visiting our dealerships.

We offer this option for one reason and one reason only: At Hendrick Chevrolet, we want you to drive the Corvette of your dreams, and with our larger-than-most-dealers selection, we know we can deliver that Corvette to you. Your satisfaction is our guarantee. Contact us today to ask about Corvette delivery cost.