The Rick Hendrick Corvette Experience 

The Hendrick Corvette Experience is comprised of absolute Corvette Culture. As part of the Hendrick Automotive Group, we are a premier quality dealer, providing you the very best selection of Corvettes in the Southeast. 

The difference is evident, from the cutting edge performance of Rick Hendrick Motorsports and their competitive NASCAR team, to the sales and service expertise of Chevrolet Dealerships across the nation. The excellence that drives the legacy of the Rick Hendrick experience can be tracked right back to Hendrick’s Core Values. 

The Hendrick Core Values: 

  • Teamwork through Trust and Respect
  • Integrity
  • Commitment to Customer Enthusiasm
  • Passion for Winning
  • Accountability at all Levels
  • Commitment to Continuous Improvement
The commitment to the Hendrick Corvette culture and to the Hendrick core values is driven by our commitment to you, the customer, and your love for the Corvette tradition of winning. 
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